Welcome to my keybase.io site.

About me

My name is Daniel. I’m a developer, DevOp, and Sysadmin (not really). At day I work for a data center in Cologne, Germany, which provides an interface for around 30.000 members of a health association.
Before that I worked for a company specialized in IT solutions with 3.000 employees around the world, my department was Enterprise Media Asset Management.

At night I work on several projects, mostly just for fun. I blog about technology, gadgets, code, the web, and privacy.

I’m an active contributor at StackExchange, especially StackOverflow. I barely add something with additional benefit to Github, but I hope this will change in a while.

My passion is to work with new technologies, often from the MS universe. The MS technologies dominate my skill chart, but I’m open minded to others. And of course, there are some other interests home automation, cryptography, photography and shooting sport.


Current Interests

PGP Keys


D732 D773 8ED0 501C FDD8  6513 F8AD D4E3 A51E BFF4


8AB3 E845 2478 BE5D 5664  B6F5 A929 54CC C4F2 EE78